IRIS Academy

IRIS Academy is a new online system for learning English. Whether you’re looking to learn the basics or improve your skills, IRIS Academy helps you learn English effectively while having fun at the same time. Ten themes are provided to meet the conversational needs of our students. Just select the theme you like and begin practicing the most useful conversation patterns.






IRIS Expo allows beginning users to create ad banners and embed them on their blogs or other webpages.Users can even create e-cards to send to friends and family. With all of Expo’s preinstalled templates, you can finish professional digital animations or other design projects without having to start from scratch.


IRIS Meet3.0

IRIS Meet3.0 is an advanced video conferencing system that supports everything from chatting with friends to formal online business meetings and presentations. Built-in features include chat, screen sharing, file sharing, surveys, presentations, and much more.


IRIS Webcast

Reach out to your audience by live streaming your presentation. Webcast allows you to share videos, pictures, PowerPoint, etc. Listeners can communicate back with you via chat.



PHYTTER Users can call for free around the world. To call landlines and mobile phones, you are no longer charged the access fee. Now all calls can be made by only using PHYTTER Points.


Phytter Dock

PHYTTER DOCK is a cloud-based storage service that allows you to quickly and conveniently manage your online documents. If you’re out on the go and want to check a document or upload some pictures to your personal storage space, PHYTTER DOCK lets you do it all, hassle-free.


IRIS Print

IRIS Print provides easy design and print functionality that allows users to create a wide variety of greeting cards, letterheads, business cards and envelopes for both their personal and business needs. Create your own birthday cards and much more with just the click of a few commands!


IRIS Studio

IRIS Studio lets you safely upload and store your video and picture files quickly, so you can share them with your friends and family. The system includes mobile device capability, so users are able to conveniently access their valuable visual memories whenever and wherever they need it.



With IRIS VeMail you can add the impact of a video message embedded right in your emails to friends, business associates and customer database. Select a graphic template to customize with your own heading, text, and website link; then simply upload a video made on your smartphone, digital camera or your laptop camera.


IRIS Webrush

IRIS Webrush helps you create and maintain an online blog for your personal or professional use. With its huge selection of functions and templates, Webrush lets you create and design spectacular layouts for your blog, even if you’re not the most computer-savvy blogger around. No extra software is needed; simply go online to create and manage your own blog.